Minimum Viable Explanation – cartoon flashback

Today’s cartoon flashback comes from a big Q&A post on blogging I pulled together a couple of years ago.  Specifically from Nathan Yau‘s response when asked about his biggest blogging challenge. The biggest challenge with FlowingData is probably maintaining the right balance between academic and casual. If I get too technical, I confuse a lot…

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Cartooning Every Day

So I know I’ve been quiet lately. You know how it is, something comes up, you overextend and then all of a sudden you are knocked out of a habit.  Then once you’re out, it can be really hard to get back in. For me there is only one way out.  Cartoon my way! Daily…

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You would forgive me

It was 2 AM and I was sitting upright, head leaned off to the right on the makeshift pillow that usually serves as my jacket.  The crying of a small child carried through the dark cabin as my fellow passengers and I attempted to get a little rest on the three hour flight.  I felt…

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Build a Qualitative Dashboard

Why is it that so many attempts to visualize qualitative data start by quantifying the data? Qualitative data is special because it’s deep and rich.  There is huge value in learning lots about a little.  But when we present that data, we often remove the richness that makes qualitative data special. Anyone who has ever…

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My top 7 most engaging posts

Everytime I zoom in cartoon by Chris Lysy

Many of you are new here so before anything else let me just say, thank you for following.  Since you’ve likely not seen them, I thought it might be a good idea to let you know about some of my favorite posts. Being a cartoonist, I have quite a few posts where people show up for…

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Start Blogging: a why, what, who, how, what next guide

I just posted the first in a series of guides designed to answer tech and concept questions I hear often.  It’s a type of visual introductory guide structured to provide context, get you started, and give you some next steps.  It’s up on my Patreon page but I set it up so that it’s free…

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