Building a Portfolio, one post at a time.

A designer without a portfolio is like a doctor without a white coat.

I have been without that white coat for over a year now.  At first, I had an easy excuse.  Just starting my business I wasn’t really sure where my focus would go.  And to be quite honest, it never really fit in with my cartoons at freshspectrum.

Initially, I would send everyone to my data design workshop.  But after awhile, that stopped working too.  I built the workshop around the needs of my students, not around my capabilities.

This site was built to show off my professional work.  I won’t be cartooning here, just outlining the whats and whys of my day to day work.

I hope it gives you a sense of what I can do.  And if you or someone you know needs the kinds of things I do, I hope you’ll consider hiring me or sharing my work with your friends.