Blogging Advice – Short Version

So a little while ago I compiled a really long blogging advice post. But because everyone is overwhelmed, here is a really short post.

You should start a blog because it gives you a platform where you have complete control.

Here is how you start.

1. Go to and sign up. You’ll need an email address and a name to use for your blog address. Going with your own name is the easiest route.

2. Don’t worry about templates, colors, or anything else. Skip all this for now, stay with the defaults, and go straight to creating a post.

3. To write the post, think of a real person that you know. Think about something you could say to them that they would appreciate. Write it out, in your voice to them, and click publish.

4. Email them the link. Or write it down and hand it to them if you are physically close.

Here is how you continue.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 above, picturing different real people you think you could help.

6. Experiment with adding hyperlinks, pictures, and videos.

7. Once you feel good about your posts, start investigating ways to reach other people you think you could help. Maybe revisit your design. You’re already a blogger, everything from here on out is just self-improvement.