Gone Workshoppin’

Gone workshoppin cartoon.

So there’s this thing I gotta do. You know that whole creative workshop for data people thing that I started?  I’ve come to the realization that if I want it to be successful, I need to give it everything I’ve got. So freshspectrum’s going to go quiet for a bit.  Not sure for how long, […]

The secret sauce of an RSA Animate.

Freshspectrum cartoon- I love how RSA animate mixes great talks with doodles. Can you do the same thing? Just without the great talk? That depends, do you want it to be good.

The secret to a great whiteboard animation is a fantastic talk.  It’s not a  way to make boring talks interesting, but rather make already great talks spreadable through a new channel. Check out some of Andrew Park’s work at Cognitive.  When you do, think about how many of the talks really need the animation to […]

Hans Rosling as a performer.

Bubble charts are awesome, just look at Hans Rosling. The guy literally swallows a sword on stage and you think it's the chart type that made the presentation.

I think we tend to undervalue Hans Rosling as a performer while hyping his data visualization. When you first watched his early *TED talks did you think, “Maybe I should create a bubble chart?” Or did you think, “I wish I could captivate an audience like that?” Originally for me it was the former and […]