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Simple Data Design

You don't need to be a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu to feed your family good healthy food. You also don't need a PhD in data science or graphic design to effectively reach your audience.

Chris Lysy HeadshotMy name is Chris. I am a designer with a social science master's degree and 13 years of research and evaluation experience. But now-a-days you can think of me as the Rachael Ray of data design.

My mission: make high quality everyday data design simpler and more affordable.

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You can do your own design work. Let me teach you how.

Process + Practice = Data Designer

The path to becoming a high quality data designer is simple. Adopt a successful data design process and then practice, practice, practice.

Through the core program I give you my process. Through the complete workshop I provide ongoing support and practice.

Chris has a knack for capturing and communicating the essence of an idea with insight and humor.

Michael Quinn Patton

Learning data design should be fun, not a jargon-filled slog through boring lectures and tutorials.


DiY Data Design

Core Program: Through the core program I walk you step by step through my data design process. I created the program to be short, stand alone, visual, and incredibly easy to follow. Working through the process is easy. Mastering the process takes time and lots of practice. $49

Core Program + Mini-Courses: In addition to the core program, this package includes a small collection of video mini-courses designed to teach you some new skills and give you a little bit of self-paced practice. $99

The Complete Workshop: Includes the core program, mini-courses, practice activities, and regular live video discussions on data design topics (a morning time and afternoon time just about every Thursday). $399

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