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Providing UX Design, UX Strategy, Wordpress Design, Illustration, and Evaluation Support.

Ugly Website?

Let's fix that.

And while we're at it, let's make your site more than just an online billboard. Let's make it do something, share something, teach something, connect with an audience, show off your expertise, build your reputation, or connect with new customers.

In other words, let's give it actual measurable purpose.

Chris has a knack for capturing and communicating the essence of an idea with insight and humor.

-Michael Quinn Patton

What is Evaluation?

Let's not complicate evaluation. At the most basic level it is just about asking and answering simple questions. Yes we will collect, analyze, and make use of data. And yes we will use common evaluation methods and tools. But the methods, tools, and data are really just a means to an end. They exist to provide answers to important simple questions.

Filling the Talent Gap

Your team has missing pieces. Let me help fill the gap.

Evaluating Digital Media
Stop blindly pulling together vanity metrics and calling it an evaluation. True web and social media evaluation adds real value.

Better Websites
I design premium Wordpress sites. The sites I design are mobile responsive, visual, and measurable.

eCourse Design
eCourses are online magic. In addition to online revenue, eCourses are very effective lead magnets and report delivery tools.

Graphic Support
The contemporary web and modern reports rely on visuals and videos.

Digital Strategy

A pretty website is not enough to connect with your audience.
You need strategy. A strategy you can measure.

I have consulted with Chris for years...He is an invaluable resource to the evaluation community overall, and to his clients in particular.

-Karen Peterman

Want to be my client?

I work across multiple fields for foundations, nonprofits, NGOs, research and evaluation agencies, and entrepreneurs.

First you have to pass my test.

>Do you passionately believe in your project, cause, or product?
>Are you willing, and able, to make changes based on insights?

If you answered yes to each...

Check out my Services