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Modernizing Dissemination

Are you still reporting and presenting like it’s 2003?

You can do better.

Let me help you.

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I am an information designer.

But here is what makes me special…

What I design.

In short: all sorts of things.  This is just a sampling.
You can find examples of specific projects in my online portfolio.

Core Beliefs

1. Everyone is overwhelmed.
2. Connection requires knowing your audience.
3. Better tools exist.
4. Change is appropriately hard.
5. By using the web, you can reach more people.
6. So can everyone else [see number 1].
7. Successful design requires purpose.
8. No room for failure = no room for success.
9. Good social communication takes a village.
10. Your data has value that requires extraction.


Let’s work together.

Free 20 Minute Consultation