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Unleash your creativity

You are filled with creative potential. Let's bring it out.

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Face your Creative Challenges

Effective infographics, dashboards, visual reports, presentations, social media posts, content strategy, digital publishing, lead generation, and online courses each present their own creative challenges. There is no easy solution. You need support from someone who has been there before. Let me be your guide.

I provide researchers, evaluators, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals with creative guidance and support.

-Chris Lysy

My Coaching Philosophy

Creativity is a Process

You don't need natural artistic talent to do professional creative work. The creative process can be taught. And with practice, it can be mastered. You just need support.

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I have consulted with Chris for years, and find his expertise invaluable...he is helping me explore my own creative inclinations and inspiring me to do more of my own data design work.

Karen Peterman
Not only is Chris a fantastic facilitator and guide as our team navigates creative tools and processes, he also provides countless resources, tips, and tricks that we've been able to put to use in our work right away.

Kate Livingston
I have known Chris for a number of years and have always found his ideas both innovative and helpful, especially when developing my website and blog. Even better, my students love his cartoons!

Gail Barrington
Chris has a knack for capturing and communicating the essence of an idea with insight and humor. That makes his cartoons evocative, provocative, high impact and memorable, which is why I use them. A lot.

Michael Quinn Patton

My Story

Chris Lysy HeadshotIf I wrote an autobiography the title would be Creativity Lost then Found.

For the first half of my 13 year research and evaluation career I did very little creative work. Whatever creative spirit I had that high school and undergrad didn't extinguish seemed to be snuffed out completely by grad school and the professional contract research world.

But then i started cartooning and everything changed.

All of a sudden I was a creative again. Making things that made people smile, that communicated something, and that sparked conversation.

But then it became more than just the cartoons. That creative process that I used, I found it worked everywhere. It pushed me into data visualization, web design, illustration, video production, and course design.

And then I discovered, not only does my process work for me, it can work for others too. Smart people who have been out of creative practice for so long, they stopped thinking that they could create or design.

So now I teach, support, coach, present, and design full time. And I love every minute.

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